Dina Wahyu Indriani

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No Year Research
1 2013 The Temperature and PH Effect using Vacuum Technology in Brown Sugar Quality1
2 2012 The Effect of Chinese Herb by Using Pay He (Lily’s Flower)
3 2011 Adsorption Equilibrium Studies of Acetone, Butanol, and Ethanol in the Bio-Based Fermentation Broth onto Immobilized Potato Starch Sorbent and ZSM-5
4 2010 System Analysis Process Of Mass Transfer On Mechanical Extraction In Soybean Oil (Gycine Max Oil)
5 2010 Spinner for goat’s milk to separate fatty and milk
No Tahun Acara Makalah Ilmiah
1 2012 International Industrial Annual Leadership Experience in Chung Yuan Christian University The Effect of Chinese Herb using Pay He

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